Java的main方法为什么必须是public static void?

main 方法是我们学习 Java 编程语言时知道的第一个方法,你是否曾经想过为什么 main 方法是 public、static、void 的?当然,很多人首先学的是 C 和 C++,但是在 Java 中 main 方法与前者有些细微的不同,它不会返回任何值,为什么 main 方式是 public、static、void,这篇文章尝试去找到一些答案。

Selecting A Linux Distribution

There are many different versions of Linux, and unlike other commercial operating systems that are controlled, distributed and supported by only one company, the core of Linux is free to distribute and use.

Linux Text Editors

There are several excellent word processing programs for Linux like AbiWord, KWord, part of the KOffice suite and the suite’s word processor.

Linux command: chmod

chmod is a Linux command that will let you “set permissions” (aka, assign who can read/write/execute) on a file.

Linux command: at

There is a little known command in linux that is very handy when scheduling a task. Normally server administrators prefer using CRON for handling all scheduling. However, CRON is primarily designed for setting up recurring schedules and isn’t really the right tool for one time jobs…



Tutorail: Linux useful commands

Now we’re going to talk about a touchy subject. The command ‘touch’ which is used to change the time and/or date of a file. You can use ‘touch’ if your boss yells at you about not having a report ready at lunchtime. You should quickly finish the report, then type:

Tutorial: What is Linux?

Linux is an operating system that evolved from a kernel created by Linus Torvalds when he was a student at the University of Helsinki. Generally, it is obvious to most people what Linux is. However, both for political and practical reasons, it needs to be explained further.





Kali学得好,监狱蹲到老,最新版Kali 2020

Kali Linux是基于Debian的Linux发行版,设计用于数字取证操作系统,是黑客常用的攻击平台。Kali Linux预装了很多渗透攻击工具,包括常用的信息收集工具nmap 、数据包修改工具Burpsuite、系统攻击工具metassploit,以及无线攻击工具Aircrack-ng等,甚至还集成了600多种黑客工具,完全可以想象到它的强大性。